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Hazel Witch Farm Believes In:

A commitment to the land / community / selves

Farming in an additive + regenerative manner

Re-embracing traditional knowledge + self reliance

Repairing a disconnection from the land

That bigger doesn’t equate with more successful

That bioregional plants have power

That our soil is alive

In livable wages, more than fair working conditions, and beyond organic practices.

Ash Hobson Carr (The Farmer)

I graduated from VCU School of the Arts with a BFA in 2010 and have been growing my own food + medicine in backyards and pots for years while saving seeds along the way. During the last ten years I’ve run a photography business that has taken me around the world, and also sometimes tied me indoors, in front of a computer. You can find that portion of my world here. Over time I found my backyard garden outgrowing our small city yard, and have been privileged enough to pursue my love of kneeling in dirt in a larger capacity.

from there to here

In 2017 I farmed on a small non profit farm, Tricycle, as part of their Urban Ag Certificate program. During that year I partnered with Hazel Witch Farm’s other founding farmer, Sera Davenport, to dream up the initial plans. We looked for land, made spreadsheet after spreadsheet, and researched growing and marketing methods for medicinals + seeds. 2018 saw us build out our beds on Community Food Collaborative’s Cornerstone Farm, there, we grew over 30 medicinal herbs, 5 seed crops, and numerous flower trials. In the fall we parted ways, and I began work on moving the farm to its current location on Charlotte Acres, where I’m able to partner with Tricycle Urban Ag as an incubator farmer to grow both the farm and my business.